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APG|SGA aims to foster comprehensive and sustainable values for its partners, customers, shareholders and employees, while making a contribution to the environment and society. Balanced consideration of environmental (planet), social (people) and economic (profit) factors in decision-making processes is regarded as vital for the long-term success of the company.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability, is enshrined as one of the six values of the APG|SGA Code of Conduct alongside passion, partnership, entrepreneurship, integrity and transparency – values that are anchored in our daily work. APG|SGA has been reporting on its active commitment to environmental
protection for 15 years. From 2018, we are expanding our reporting to reflect an overall view of corporate responsibility.

Sustainability reporting will now be based on the four pillars of the corporate strategy:
1. Pioneering analogue and digital “out of home” communication solutions for clients
2. Development of best quality locations in public and private space in Switzerland together with partners
3. Commitment to innovation and technology
4. Sustainable, quality-oriented development of our business processes

The sustainability strategy derived from this is based on the triad of people, planet, profit, and both the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals.




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