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Programmatic digital Out of Home campaigns

Over 500 large-format APG|SGA digital screens (eBoard and ePanel) in the best locations are now available to book programmatically. We combine performance data for our advertising panels from SPR+ with sociodemographic data collected from an ongoing market research panel for target group appeal. Use the technical advantages of a programmatic DOOH campaign and achieve over 770 million impressions* per month.

The advantages of programmatic DOOH:

  • Closer to target group
    Data-based campaign delivery enables more focused target group appeal 

  • Granular control
    Precise campaign delivery when and where you want it, taking your desired target group into consideration

  • Short-term planning
    New opportunities for short-term, dynamic, tactical campaigns

  • Security
    100% viewable, fraud- & bot-free

  • Multichannel
    Plan and optimise campaigns across multiple channels using a single platform

  • Reports & optimisation in real time
    You can see current campaign KPIs in the DSP at any time


Our partner

APG|SGA is the proud partner of the supply-side platform (SSP) VIOOH. This SSP developed specifically for out of home media connects to all relevant demand-side platforms (DSPs) – worldwide. It’s never been easier to carry out an international DOOH campaign.


DSPs already linked

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Our offer


Current national coverage of more than 500 screens with over 770 million impressions*/month.



Make the most of our unique target group data.



Our high quality standards ensure minimum 55-inch screens with full HD resolution.





Effective immediately, innovative advertising spaces such as our branding zones in major Swiss railway stations are also available for programmatic booking. The range is constantly expanding.



If you have any questions about programmatic DOOH, please get in touch with your APG|SGA contact or talk to our Programmatic Advertising team directly:

Michael Pevec
Phone: +41 58 220 78 54