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Prices & conditions

Different ordering options enable high-quality poster campaigns at optimum prices.


  1. Graduated campaign discount (GCD)

The GCD is granted for homogeneous product-related campaigns with durations of no more than 10 weeks.​ Premium Branding and F4 excepted.

  1. Last-minute discount

Five weeks prior to the start of posting you will receive a 20% last-minute discount on vacant analog single addresses. 

  1. Annual volume discount (AVD/group discount)

You can benefit from an annual volume or group discount. The amount is calculated on the basis of your total net payments to APG|SGA in the previous year for analog standard F200, F12, F400, F24, and F4 formats plus the digital products City ePanel, Rail eBoard, Rail ePanel, Shopping ePanel, Event eBoard and Event ePanel. You can also conclude an agreement based on the expected current-year budget. The discount is granted for all short-term orders. Premium Branding, F4, trade shows and exhibitions, annual contracts, seasonal bookings and long-term orders excepted.

  1. Political billposting

Flat 25% discount. Exceptions: Premium Branding and F4.​

  1. ZEWO organizations

Non-profit institutions/organizations with ZEWO label are granted a discount of 50% (including agency commission) on all bookings. Exceptions: Premium Branding, special offers, F4 products, long-term orders/contracts, locally coordinated products.

  1. Packages & Specials

Please check our website for current packages (profitline and carline) as well as current special offers and promotions  Packages & Specials

The different types of discounts cannot be cumulated.

  1. Agency commission (AC)

5% on net amount



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The quantities and costs are reference values and subject to change.


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